The Mal Pas Beach - Marina Resort Benidorm

Mal Pas Beach is a charming and picturesque beach nestled in the heart of Benidorm, offering visitors a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere just steps away from the lively urban life of the city. This beach is a true hidden gem in Benidorm and an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful escape during their stay at Marina Resort Benidorm.

What makes Playa del Mal Pas special is its quieter ambiance compared to the larger, busier beaches of Benidorm. Here, visitors can enjoy the serenity of the Mediterranean Sea without the usual crowds. The beach features crystal-clear waters and golden sand, perfect for a relaxing day under the sun. Additionally, it’s an ideal spot for swimming and engaging in quieter water sports like paddleboarding or kayaking.

Despite its more relaxed setting, Playa del Mal Pas is conveniently located near the center of Benidorm, allowing visitors easy access to shops, bars, restaurants, and other tourist attractions.

In summary, Playa del Mal Pas is a tranquil and beautiful spot in the heart of Benidorm, where visitors can revel in the natural beauty and peace of the Mediterranean while staying at Marina Resort Benidorm. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a more serene and authentic beach experience.