Marina Resort Benidorm’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Gestión Hotelera la Marina, S.L., is a family business committed to its surroundings, local communities, suppliers and the environmen, and it’s been embracing the responsibility of incorporating this commitment into its business management for many years now. CSR is all about responsible tourism based on three cornerstones: social sustainability, economic sustainability and environmental sustainability.

This firm commitment, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, is reflected in the company’s governance policies, such as the following:

1. Social Sustainability

Gestión Hotelera La Marina’s CSR policies are aimed at creating a fairer and more equitable society, and see cooperation with public authorities, social agents and organisations that focus on social causes as a key way to promote CSR.

We collaborate closely on social projects focused on integration, inclusion and equality within our community.

1.1 Supporting the local community and stakeholders

1.2 Good Labour Practices and Promotion of Human Rights

1.3 Social Action

Recurring collaborative work and/or specific collaboration agreements with various non-profit organisations and campaigns for social causes. Encouraging the employment of people with disabilities, who perform cleaning tasks in the kitchen and administrative work.

2. Strategic/Economic Sustainability

We promote economic growth that creates equitable wealth based on innovation, respect for the environment and partnerships with our stakeholders.

2.1 Investments in modernising our establishments

2.2 Quality, innovation and customer focus as the foundations of our company philosophy

2.3 Health and safety systems and projects

2.4 Donations and sponsorships

2.5 Presence in associations and projects that seek to encourage improvement and innovation in the sector

3. Environmental Sustainability

We’ve listened to the voice of our environmental conscience for over 20 years now, and get our employees, guests, suppliers and the surrounding community involved as well.




Approach based on the 4Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.

We have a system for the proper management of hazardous and/or special waste (empty containers of chemical products, aerosols, batteries, obsolete fluorescents…) and delivery to authorised managers.

We have analysis tools that allow us to quantify the amount of recycled and/or reused waste, according to type.

Carbon Footprint